Sunday, January 31, 2010

Share Your Experiences/Observations: There's Richness in Many Voices and Power in Numbers

The Master White Paper intends to reflect the richness of the voices from our twenty three campuses' populations of faculty, students, and staff. Your comments here as well as suggestions for materials to post on this site (such as relevant articles) can become a deep pool from which we can draw for the MWP. Please contribute, even if you think it's just a small part. Together these contributions, whether small or not, add up to something potentially immense.


Aly J said...

The CSU system has suffered budget cuts since 2002. Our tuition fees have gone up more than 30% last quarter. We are paying $1000 more this year. State mandated Furloughs directly effect students by offering less support and resources; as well as cutting programs, majors and services on campus, which decreases the quality of our education. Less classes are being offered making it difficult to finish courses on time. Students at Cal Poly Pomona should watch President Ortiz's video and The Poly Post also addresses problems about a need for more transaprent processes by outlining their consequences. Admninistration secrecy must be highlighted by a demand for reform from active proponents of higher education. The November protests on CSU campuses where advocates vocalized our frustrations that we are paying more and receiving less was a success. Less students are being accepted, which extracts the diversity on campus. I urge students to unite, know our rights and sign the petitions presented in class. We must hold our Legislators and Administrators accountable for their decisions. Civil Disobedience trainings took place on Feb. 5th from 1-4 in Bldg 6-113. Students for Quality Education organized the walkout which prompted the Governor to address this outpour of sentiment and vow to stop further cuts. To support this organization and recieve additional information students at Cal Poly can meet in Bldg 1-223 or contact! Budget cuts negatively affect our right to academic freedom. WE must think globally and act locally during this time of uncertainty! More people following this site and Dr. Loo's initiative, The Call for Master White Paper; will help create momentum and show the powers that be of our widespread support to change the course of recent downward spirals. Generating more traffic on this blogsite with individuals who read the discussions and inform themselves help build the fight, which benefits the interests of Californians. Collective action will signal the magnitude of this epidemic on all 23 of our CSU campuses. I encourage everyone to recruit friends and family or volunteer for the various committee actions. Let us all engage in Marx's Praxis, action informed by theory! The time is now. WE can make a difference!

Dennis Loo said...

Thank you Aly J. You're a lot smarter than your almost namesake, Ali G. : )