Thursday, January 7, 2010

An Invitation to Share Experiences

I invite all visitors to leave accounts of their experiences and observations regarding the changes that have been occurring in our universities. For example, faculty could share what has been happening to the faculty-student ratio, the difficulties that students report in getting into classes, the actions and statements of their campus administrators, the impact of No Child Left Behind on the students' preparation for critical thinking in college, and so on. If any students wish to leave comments that would be most helpful as well.

Sharing these stories and analyses will be very helpful to us collectively and can also be drawn upon for possible use in the Master White Paper.


Anonymous said...

hey dr. loo this is a great gesture, a lot of prof.'s could care less about us students. i hope that others go public with the situation and make the situation better. we are capable of a lot of things and it starts now.


Dennis Loo said...

Thank you s.t. Student actions are one of the most important motive forces in history.

You know, most professors care deeply about the students, which is why most of us became professors in the first place. You don't become a professor because money is your top priority! I can't say that for all of the top administrators, however, who justify their salaries and perks on the grounds that they need to pay themselves a lot in order to attract the best talent. Somehow this criterion isn't applied to faculty, who are expected to take far less.

And strangely, what that rationale for top administrators' pay and perks means is that they aren't being recruited mainly for their love of education, but for the bribe of big bucks.

bethany said...

This is a great way to get not only college students involved but family and friends to solve this problem! We depend on clubs and activities to not only solve other problems occurring in our world but also working with others to reach goals and dreams. In order to fix problems, we must work together as a team to succeed and create change!

Bethany Alfonso soc- 202